Month: March 2021

  • Time of Reinvention

    Time of Reinvention

    Preamble: I am late to the class when it comes to reading “real” books. I only picked up my first personal growth book 4 years ago (2016) when my life was turning on its head. Before then it was fiction all the way. Having started my own personal growth journey a year later, I discovered […]

  • Flowing with Change

    Flowing with Change

    Approx 4 years ago, I was embarking on a very significant life change due to external circumstances that were not of my choosing, and someone told me to read the book “Who moved my Cheese”, by Dr. Spencer Johnson. I was not in any way shape or form into personal growth books at that time, […]

  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once

    YOLO… You Only Live Once! This is the new youthful phrase, brought into our house by my son.Used in situations to his advantage mostly but today used brilliantly when walking the hills there was an option to safely return home or go down another unknown road. Unsure as to where it would lead us, but […]

  • How fast are you?

    How fast are you?

    HOW FAST ARE YOU? At eating your food? Driving to work? Talking to your kids? It would seem everything is very rushed.Time is ticking – tick tock lets go, go , go…. Today – Make a new choice.Select one of the above, and do it more slowly. Eating: Take a bite, put down cutlery, savour […]

  • Just do it!

    Just do it!

    Do you let Fear stop you from doing what you really want? I have an up coming event, that I need to prepare for.Its something completely new for me, and I am feeling very nervous already.So this morning, I wrote down all the things about it that scare me. And then next to that, all […]