Inspire Action Success

Just do it!

Do you let Fear stop you from doing what you really want?

I have an up coming event, that I need to prepare for.
Its something completely new for me, and I am feeling very nervous already.
So this morning, I wrote down all the things about it that scare me. And then next to that, all the things that excite me about it and all the things that this will do for me!
And guess what, the Fear & nerves IS the Excitement,
but we label it scary and allow it to shrink us back into our comfort zone.
So I ask myself, Is this not an opportunity I have been waiting for?
YES it is.
So, Just Do IT! Start the list of things to do, and just DO.
And as I started, the nerves dissipated.
The action of Doing stops the mind from sending all those negative thoughts.
I have a picture I received as a present, with the saying “She believed she could, so she Did”
And I am applying that now, reformated as my mantra:
“I said I can, so I Will”.

Can you apply of the above to something in your life right now?
Write down your thoughts, look at them on the page, and then sorting them out into whats Real v Mind crap,
then Create your Actions.
Do not let fear stop you from growing!

Fear is just a part of us that is inherited from ancestors and is there to keep us safe in times of extreme danger.
But it is not there to run our lives!
Face your fear – talk to it. 
Tell it, “its ok, thanks for caring but I can do this without you”.
When you put off doing something because you are afraid, you are keeping yourself stuck.
Write down what it is that you want to do.
Put positive words around it – I can, I will, I am able…etc
Slow, Deep breaths

Step 1: Decide what you want, 
Step 2: Believe in yourself
Step 3: Take some action towards it

Believe you can, and anything is possible.
Belief plus Action – and it is all yours!