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You Only Live Once

YOLO… You Only Live Once!

This is the new youthful phrase, brought into our house by my son.
Used in situations to his advantage mostly but today used brilliantly when walking the hills there was an option to safely return home or go down another unknown road. Unsure as to where it would lead us, but as it was our last evening away, he said “YOLO, let’s take the road !”
And yes we only live once .. we only get one chance. We don’t know where the road leads us but we have to be brave enough to try it and not always play in the safety of returning home to what we know. Our comfort zone.
Life changes so quickly .. it’s a cliche or a religious belief, whichever way you prefer to read it but, we really do not know the day or the hour that our time is called. So it’s our duty in life to make the most of what we are given.
Take that opportunity.. say yes Before your mind gives you all the reasons not to.
Make that decision, say yes to what feels good. Stop trying to analyze.
Love who you are and what you have.
You are amazing and you are alive.
YOLO and just Go For It!