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Stephanie Bonnie
Acolite Ltd.

I’d previously attended a couple of Fiona’s fantastic webinars so was aware of the wonderful lady. It was only a while later when realisation hit that I was holding myself back, I knew I needed some help from a coach, and it was a no-brainer that it was going to be Fiona!

When we first started, I had little to no confidence, I seemed to constantly be heading towards or dealing with burnout. Imposter syndrome was turning up so often it had practically moved into my office, I was losing my passion.

Now? WELL! Fiona’s helped me become Steph 2.0.

I have now made it on to my priority list! I host network meetings, I’ve become proud of who I am, what I have achieved, what I am doing and where I’m heading.

Fiona’s amazing to work with, we’ve worked through my blocks, we talked everything out, she’s helped me create new good habits. When I had wobbles in between sessions Fiona was just a VN / phone call away, and has given me the tools to help myself so now if I start feeling stressed, overwhelmed, find I’m procrastinating, I know how to get myself out of that funk and get back to loving the life I have.

Fiona will support, empower and encourage you. I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone feeling stuck, to anyone who is ready to spread their wings and fly. 

S Glennon
Owner of “Transcribe”

In Sept 2020 I signed up to Fiona’s 12 week programme “Elevate your Success” and honestly this just turned my life around. After a few weeks of setting targets I was reaching them and achieving way more than I had expected. Fiona turned my mindset around professionally and personally and this has paid dividends. My business is now going from strength to strength. I am up 90% from last year! I now set goals and believe I will achieve them. I no longer have the fear of failure and I am excited by success. To me, working with Fiona is an essential tool on the path to success for any female entrepreneur.

Fiona was incredible to work with in creating a mindset to achieve success. Fiona is an excellent listener, exceptionally organised and really helps you get the best out of your sessions with her. I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone at any stage of their lives – personally, educationally and professionally.

Lorna Horgan

A Lee
Playact drama

Before I started working with Fiona from Inspire Action Success, I was over-worked, unfocused, over-whelmed and stuck in a bit of a rut of my own making and I didn’t know how to get out of. Fiona has a very gentle style and approach. I discovered so much about my tasks on hand, hopes, desires and dreams both personally and professional from our weeks of working together. After the 3 sessions I felt more creative and more focused. I am able to work on weekly tasks, daily tasks, as well as plan for 6 months at a time.  The way that she works and gently guides you through – to get to the heart of what is really going on is genius. I literally felt like I had just woken up. It is brilliant. And since then I have been able to plan, create and set goals with a very clear focus in mind. I have highly recommended Fiona to all business owners.

I just wanted to drop a note to say a huge thank you for this morning;  I am not exaggerating when I say that it was probably the best day I’ve spent in the last six months!  I love your approach, your whole way of thinking and if I can even make one simple change then that would even be a positive but I’m already seeing everything differently and am so excited to be working with you.


H Doyle

Many thanks Fiona for your guidance in expanding my vision of… what I can… how I can… and to whom I can… offer my services to help my waiting clients.

Fiona is a powerful coach! She helps you stretch yourself in achieving your goals… in a way which allows you to get really clear of what’s stopping you and more importantly facing them with power and courage. She is really ‘present’ to your journey as the client! What I love about Fiona is that she’s not afraid to push her own boundaries and her energy wants to do the same! She is supportive, caring and encouraging, whilst her impact on her clients is life changing!

Dhara Shah

Lissa McPhilips
Dynamic Marketing

Anyone struggling to juggle the demands of running a business and a busy family should definitely talk to Fiona! When I first started working with her, I felt constantly against the clock – I never seemed to have enough time for all that needed to be done. Fiona gave me the tools I needed to realise that I have all the time I need if I approach things in the right way. I still use her tips every day and can honestly say that I’m much calmer in my approach to work and family and don’t get half as anxious as I did before working with her.

I can vouch for Fiona’s natural ability to motivate anyone in business. We all have our insecurities and fears which can hold us back, and Fiona is able to pinpoint those and turn them on their heads. I would recommend Fiona to anyone who feels they need a bit of help overcoming self-confidence issues or just to anyone with a business that you feel you need a bit of help with. She is a wonderful communicator and mindset coach.

Christine Pringle

I was looking for a coach for a long time.  My problem was to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do.  I already knew my gifts and that I wanted to serve.  Fiona immediately tuned in to where I was coming from.  In a short time she got my values and my strengths and helped me to hon in on the skills I needed to develop and actions I needed to take.  I found Fiona to be respectful of my values while being direct and challenging.  I wanted someone who had wisdom and had walked the walk. I will definitely be calling on Fiona  for support as I travel the road ahead. She was exactly the right person for me.

Lizzie Harrison

I’ve just finished 3 sessions with Fiona which helped my business immensely. What exactly worked?

I got clear on my offering. My message, my mission. Through Fiona’s thought-provoking and challenging questions I really got deep on what was unique about my services and how to build a bridge between.

I committed time and space to working on clarifying this to ensure that it will pay dividends in the long term. Fiona empowered me by providing a structure and guidance on how to do just this.

Inspired by the action and exercises, I’ve reignited my love for what I’m doing and definitely can see that I’m on the path to achieving greatness.

Huge thanks Fiona, I would highly recommend your coaching to any entrepreneurs who want to get clarity and take action.

Sarah Lennon
Sarah Story Coach

I reached out to Fiona when I was feeling burnt out and overworked. I am a self-employed professional working mother with a successful business. It took a few sessions with Fiona for me to realise all that I had achieved. But in reality, managing success is just as challenging as trying to become successful. With Fiona’s help I put clear boundaries into my working life. I explored what was actually important to me and what my real priorities were. I have set realistic and clear goals and identified my work priorities. I now feel much more in control of my working week and year. I have also allowed myself to say ‘no’. All of this has cumulated in a feeling of total relief and without a doubt I have avoided another burn out. Thanks Fiona.

Confidential Service Business Owner

Fiona is amazing! I’ve been working with Fiona since the start of this year, first in a group setting and for the last 3 months on a one-2-one basis, and she is everything you need in a coach. (Which is why I’m continuing to work with her :-)) Fiona has not only helped me but is teaching me the tools required to help myself. She is great at listening, keeping me focused, even gives me homework, is flexible with appointments and makes it all fun! As I said at the start – Fiona is an amazing success coach!

S Bonnie – Founder of Acolite