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How to get Social Media Confidence

Here I met with Alison Desmond on her podcast “The Small Business Podcast” and we talk about getting comfortable with social media marketing and how crucial it is to have the right mindset when confidence begins to wane.

Alison and I talk about how running a small business can lead you down a path of personal development and why, particularly for service-based providers, your business needs to be connected to who you are. We also discuss what can happen when you view your competitors in a more positive light, why clarity is key, how your money mindset can affect your messaging, and what you can do to build your confidence when you begin having doubts.

Have a listen to hear more.

How to master your life and business for the female entrepreneur with Fiona Brennan

In this podcast I talk with the wonderful Johann Callaghan of “Empowering Family Health”. I share tips and insights in how to master your life for you and your business as a female entrepreneur. “Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. It is built on the belief that every person is already empowered to find their own answers, and has the power of choice to do so.”

The importance of personal growth for business owners

Chatting with Patrick Mercie on Limerick community radio, about the importance of personal growth for business owners. Sharing my upcoming masterclass and group programme designed to support entrepreneurs to develop personally and achieve their vision of success.