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“She believed she could, so she did”...

...were words in a framed gift I received a few years ago...... And so began my own personal growth & entrepreneur journey.
Hi there, I am Fiona Brennan. I am a High Performance Success Coach and Project Manager, Wife, Mum and beach lover. I have a passion for people and for getting things accomplished. To take ideas and visions and help make them a reality.
If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, woman on a mission BUT currently stuck, unable to move forward, not feeling how you want to feel, have reached tipping point and ready for help, please read on.

Is this you?

  • You have the vision, the dream for your business but somehow it is not quite happening.
  • You are trying all the strategies and in theory it all looks good, but results are not showing.
  • Stuck in fear, confusion and overwhelm of the current situation and the future.
  • You long for good sleep, energy, joy and peace, but they are far from sight.
  • And now so deep in it, you cannot stop spinning to even try and see where to start.

How I Can Help You


1:1 Two Hour Power Coaching Session

Do you need some quick but empowering coaching for your business or personal life?

If there is something in your work or personal life that you need a shift of mindset and acrion on, but do not want to commit to any programme, this is a great way to help you through to the other side.


My 90 Day Breakthrough Programme

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, woman on a mission?

Are you currently stuck, unable to move forward, not feeling how you want to fee, have reached tipping point and are ready for help?

This is the programme for you.

What My Clients Say

Today I’ve just finished 3 sessions with Fiona which helped my business immensely.

What exactly worked?

– I got clear on my offering. My message, my mission. Through Fiona’s thought-provoking and challenging questions I really got deep on what was unique about my services and how to build a bridge between.

– I committed time and space to working on clarifying this to ensure that it will pay dividends in the long term. Fiona empowered me by providing a structure and guidance on how to do just this.

– Inspired by the action and exercises, I’ve reignited my love for what I’m doing and definitely can see that I’m on the path to achieving greatness.

Huge thanks Fiona, I would highly recommend your coaching to any entrepreneurs who want to get clarity and take action.

Sarah Lennon

Fiona is an excellent coach!

I came to her at a time when I was juggling a lot of different things in my life and feeling stressed and anxious about how reliable and committed I could be.

Fiona provided a warm environment where we were able to talk about and plan different strategies to help me.

I looked forward to every coaching session with her and the insights I knew they would uncover.

Thank you Fiona.


I had one session with Fiona toward the end of 2019.

My goal was quite simple (yet so difficult for me!), I wanted to st op smoking, yet I’ve never made it past day 1 and I’d cave in each time and then feel horribly disappointed with myself.

Fiona was amazing, enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgeable and gave me, in a very short time, the tools I needed to fulfill my big longing!

I took 10 pages of notes during my session which was the solid foundation I needed to get where I wanted to be.

I’m delighted that I’m no longer smoking and I know deep down this time it’s for good because my brain has been retr ained, thanks to Fiona and her coaching skills. Fiona is worth her weight in gold and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

H O'Mahony