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3 Steps to move forward in your business

“Nothing changes if nothing Changes”

It as been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result.
And another has said that “nothing changes if nothing changes”.

So why do we expect otherwise?

Why do we often find ourselves going around in circles, over and over and wonder why one year later we are no further on?

Lets start by asking the question…
Are you getting the results you want?

If not, do you know why?

Spending some time OUT of your business to look at it,
see what is working,
what is not working,
what can be done differently perhaps.

I would love to share with you my 3 A’s for creating change in your business.


    • Taking time to stop and notice how you are spending your time.  
    • What is time productive versus time wasteful
    • What are the energy and time drainers?
    • What are money making activities versus money wasting?
    • Now….taking the information you gain from awareness and analyzing it.
    • What can you do differently? 
    • Where can you make changes?
    • What can you try?
    • What can you say NO to ?
    • Where can you get help, ideas, support etc
    • Try new things.
    • If it is not working, stop doing it!
    • Time to adopt a new approach.
    • Implement learnings from your awareness and analysis.
    • What new way will your week be as a result?

Yes, our natural resistance to change kicks in and feeds us thoughts like “this is too much hassle; I don’t have time for it; it will be fine itself; leave well enough alone ….. etc”

But it is up to you. What do YOU really want?

New results or different?


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