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Your Unique Journey

I got distracted doing some last minute birthday prep for my oldest child, who turned 17 today.
And it got me pondering a bit as its quite a chunky age – 17!

How did my first born cutie suddenly become this tall, strong man?

Yet it doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was that cute bubbly baby.
So much has happened.

Would I like to rewind to that time and try it again?

Possibly…….with the new found information I have now from my own personal development and coaching skills, he might have had different experiences & learning.

I might have dealt with “terrible 2’s” differently.
I might have seen his tantrum cries in a different light.
I might have taken all my parental leave.
I might not have cared so much about keeping a tidy house.
I might have stopped more to fully listen instead of multi-tasking.

Who knows….

What I do know is that we all have our own journey.

And my parental journey with him was unique for me.

And his childhood journey was unique to him.

Sure, he will have his bias and beliefs, his “limits” to work on as he grows older, all because of whatever way I/We brought him up.

But that is all part of his experience. His learning. His growth.

And I have experienced so much in these 17 years, and learnt from it all.

Hindsight and what we learn later on is useless to look back with. That was then, This is now.
It’s what we do with the learning that makes the next bit of our journey more powerful, more impactful…..or not!

We are all learning.

And it is a wonderful journey.

Your unique journey.