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The stairway to success – enjoying every view

Have you ever stared up at a seemingly endless set of stairs, wondering how you’ll ever reach the top? 

That’s how many of us feel when it comes to achieving our goals. 

Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, “There is no elevator to success. You must take the stairs,” captures this perfectly. 

It reminds us that there’s no magic bullet, just steady effort.

The Power of Perspective

But what if the “stairs”  was not so daunting? 

What if we looked at it in a different way?

The “stairs” image implies a long, monotonous climb. Countless, identical steps leading to a distant goal. 

But what if we had the power to design our own staircase?

Just simply imagine a beautiful, winding staircase, with each turn revealing a stunning vista.

Maybe your stairs curve gently, each step a new learning experience.

Along the way, there are framed pictures with motivational quotes or pictures of your dream life, keeping you aligned and inspired.

The Journey, Not Just the Destination:

The key to enjoying this climb is focusing on the journey, not just the final destination.

Think of it like a challenging hike.  You would take little stops along the way, to pause refresh, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of what is now visible to you.

The same applies to your goals. Each phase is an opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate your progress.

Design the phases with intention, investing time and effort into each one, so that you are already living in your vision. It IS exactly where you are supposed to be at any given point in time.

Building in time for rest, reflection, celebration, learning and adjustment.

Making your dreams a reality one step at a time:

This is the core of my coaching philosophy. 

We don’t just create a grand vision for your future – we break it down into achievable phases.

We work with you to “acclimatise” yourself to each step, ensuring you have the tools and support to succeed and stay at each phase.

By enjoying the process, celebrating small wins, and taking breaks when needed, you will find that success isn’t just about reaching the top.

It’s about living your dream with every step that you take.

Ready to design and enjoy your own beautiful staircase to success?

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