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The official blog…explaining IDEAA™ For Success

What is IDEAA™ For Success?

One Friday afternoon, while walking the Salthill prom, my idea was born.

I had blocked off the day to work ON my business.

While walking the prom, it was in this completely switched-off mode that the question I had taken to “work ON” for the day was answered – quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly.

Pouring into and from my brain so quickly I had to switch my phone back on so that I could record the flow of words spilling out.

The question I was seeking clarity on?

“How do I pull together everything I do into a format that makes sense to others?”

The idea that poured out in that walk literally became my IDEAA™

This has become the foundation for all my programmes since – My IDEAA™  For Success.

So What is IDEAA™ all about?

IDEAA™ represents all that I bring to support clients achieve desired success in their business and life.

20+ years of construction project management, Life & Executive coaching accreditation, NLP certification, Vision board facilitation and more. 

Described by my clients as “managerial and motivational meets mindfulness and meaningful”,  IDEAA™  For Success is the combination of Mindset & Strategy. 

It is self-empowerment and personal growth MIXED with strategy, action and accountability. We need to BE the vision AND take the steps so we can experience the results.

Let me break it down for you:


I Identify  – the current, the future, the dream, values & beliefs, the why

D Design – of the vision, your new life, your new business, YOU

E Empowerment of self through mind body and spirit is central

A Action – develop and implement plans for action

A Accountability – of the committed action plans

Based on the concept of creating “success from the inside out” and that “your business can never outgrow you”, the core element of IDEAA is E= Empowerment.

Everything else stems from that. All the ideas, all the plans, all the limiting or powerful beliefs, the values, the action steps, the how.  None of it works without the inner core being fully aligned to the outer.

What is next?

I believe every business owner like you deserves to wake up each morning energised and excited about their business and life. 

I know you have a burning desire to propel your business and life forward. You yearn to transcend the ordinary and step into the extraordinary, but self-doubt and limiting beliefs often cloud your path. You may feel trapped in the day-to-day grind, struggling to see the bigger picture and achieve your business goals.

With the IDEAA™ For Success programme, you can transform your business in three simple steps:

  • Let’s connect and discuss your specific goals and challenges.
  • Embark on your IDEAA™ For Success coaching program, designed to ignite your confidence and empower you to achieve your boldest dreams.
  • Witness your life and business thrive as you implement my proven strategies and achieve your desired success.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from the success you deserve.

So, make an appointment.

Take the first step towards business transformation today.