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The Habit of Intentional Breaks

What is an “intentional break”?

That is my wording for pausing what you are doing and taking a minute to become fully present with yourself.

Why is this important?
Because we spend 98% of our day on automatic pilot. Living in the past or future.
And we don’t even realise it.
Until we start to become intentional.

Intention can start in the morning with some quiet time (more on that another day).
And you feel great.
But what happens the rest of the day then?

A great practice to start embodying is creating 2-3 times during the day where you:

NOTICE your 5 senses
Be Present

continue with what you were doing, but you will feel the benefit of improved focus and mood.

I hope you find this useful.
Wishing you a beautiful week.

Warm regards.

“There is nothing you cannot do, you just need to decide”