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Assumption of a next time


This is the last day of my 48th year on this beautiful planet.

48 quilt covers (reference from an earlier post), all very greatly coloured for sure.

How many I have left, who knows.

Each one is sacred and not to be taken for granted.

Each one is gift.

Perhaps even a project – undertaken by me.

I get to design it, implement it, make changes along the way, and hand it over in 12 months.

I have taken many things from the lockdown of Covid-19 and one of them is the assumption of a “next time”.

How much we planned for the “next time”.

Next day, we will go to the playground.

Next week, we will go visit Granny.

Next year, we will do that proper holiday.

Next birthday, that will be the year that I will…….finish that sentence.

My take on that is this…… Stop waiting!

Waiting for the big one, or the better weather, or when you are more organised!……

As the old wise saying goes “Don’t put off till Tomorrow what you can do Today”.

Every year is special.

Every day and moment is special but every birthday experienced on this planet is special.

I ask you – when is your next big “roundy” one?

What are you planning to do for it? And do because of it?

Why not do that now?

Today, I am enjoying the gift to myself of a day out doing my favourite things.

Tomorrow I spend it with family doing even more favourite things.

And as for the year ahead… well I have super designs in place for that.

Now all I need to do is kick off my implementation plan 😃

What if you considered your next thing as a project?

What would your design look like?

How would you start its implementation?

If you need support creating, designing and implementing your plan, I would love to chat.

This is the bonus of Project Management meeting Coaching!

Yours truly,


Success Coach & PM

written on 30/07/2021