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12 Self Empowerment Tips – to make space for your greatness in 2023

Day 6 – Getting rid of multi tasking

Yes it’s another cold and refreshing morning, but hoping to warm you up with an empowering tip for your consideration 🔥

Today …. Getting rid of multi tasking !!!

“How you do ONE thing is how you do everything”. I heard that once and it stuck.

For other reasons than what this day tip is about but for today, consider the element of ONE.

Doing one thing, one at a time – NOT 3 things at once!

The multi tasker….. is this you?

Do you have a badge?

Do you wear it with pride?

I invite you to consider ditching it.

I invite you to consider the alternative.

The single tasker 😁💥

Listen below to find out more.

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Make 2023 your space to create your greatness through self empowerment.

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