Inspire Action Success

What are you life plans?


How colourful are your quilts?

I recently took part in a wonderful 10 week group personal development programme called “WIGWAM”, created by the brilliant Colm O’Brien.
It was absolutely full of golden nuggets for growth and learning but the one that I love the most is the concept of our quilts.

Imagine each year of your life is a quilt.
And the quilt is created from each week. One patch per week.
After 52 weeks of patches, all sown together, you have your finished quilt for that year.

First question for you is: How low or high is your quilt pile so far?

Q 2: Imagining now you are looking at your pile of quilts so far, how colourful are they?
Is each patch the same? or is there variety in the design?

Q3: Based on an average life span of 80/85 years, how many quilts do you have left?

Q4…..How colourful do you WANT your next set of quilts to be?

I shared a post on social media last week referring to two family members having passed on from this world. They were both mid 80’s.
I wondered how they would have graded their quilts.
What ones might they have wanted to exchange out.

Whatever is in your pile so far, they have got you to where you are now.
They are part of you, your journey, your learning.

The great stuff is, you get to choose your design for your next batch!
You get to go mosiac or plain.
You get to decide!

As a Success Coach, I can help you create your quilt.
I can help you create a design and how to implement it.
How to weave it all together in a lovely messy but fabulous way.

If you are curious, drop me a message so we can chat more.

For now, Thank you Colm and Michelle Barry (aka Princess Shelley) for a fabulous 10 weeks of “Win the weak, Win the war”.
Highly recommend!

Fiona Brennan, Success coach & project manager,