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Breakthrough Your Blocks

90 Minute Power Coaching Session

Go from Stuck to Moving forward in 90 minutes.

Not on target with your business or personal goals?

You are doing your best every day. But for some reason you cannot seem to move through the blocks that keep holding you back.

You can choose to stay fighting by yourself, or you can seek some help.

We all need to ask for more help in our lives – there is no rule where we must do everything by ourselves to prove our worth.

So if you are ready, I have an invitation for you.

I had one 90 minute session with Fiona. She was amazing, enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgeable and gave me, in a very short time, the tools I needed to fulfil my big longing! I took 10 pages of notes during my session which was the solid foundation I needed to get to where I wanted to be. Fiona is worth her weight in gold and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

H O'Mahony

Introducing my “Breakthrough your Blocks” Power Session

Consists of 1 x 90 minute coaching session. Price €200 + VAT.

We will dive into the issues at hand, look at the blockages and beliefs around them, set new goals and plans in place and send you off with new hopes and direction.

This is a special price introduction session for anyone who wants some immediate intensive coaching to get from stuck to moving forward, but is not ready for major time or financial commitment just yet.

Take some neutral but impactful time out for yourself and your business by booking this special price session now.