6 weeks of supported action and accountability, focused on making that goal happen for you!

Get Clear | Create Beliefs | Take Action

Have you a wildly important goal you really want to have completed or well under way, by end of 2021? 

Feeling like you have not had the time or the focus to do what is required to kick into action?

You know clearly what it is, but life has just taken over.

You know too well you are the one stopping yourself – yes there are excuses, and really good ones too, but deep down you know if you did put focus and set your mind to it, this would be happening for you!

So, what is getting in your way?……………..

Every day busyness?

Poor time management?

Fear of failing?

Fear of succeeding!?


  • A dedicated supported space where you can step out of your business to allow this to happen.
  • A space to be able to refresh your vision, your alignment with it and assess what has been getting in the way.
  • Create a clear and concrete strategy on what is required to make that happen.
  • Support and accountability so you can achieve your vision.

This 6 week programme is for business owners, who are tired spinning out in the same daily whirlwind and want to take their big rock goal to the next level and are ready to commit to doing the necessary work.

This is for you if you would like

  • To gain confidence & clarity to move forward with your goal without fear
  • To work on your goal with non-judgemental and safe support
  • To make a difference in your life and business!

How it will work

  • 3 main coaching sessions over 6 weeks
  • Bi-weekly accountability check in via 20 min phone call
  • Unlimited email support in between all sessions
  • Audio recording and summary notes for each session
  • 1st session: 90-120 minutes
  • Sessions 2, 3: 60-90 minutes

Brief overview

Note that this will be designed to suit clients needs

Week 1 – Deep dive session

  • Brief overview of personal responsibility and commitment
  • Clarity of Goal
  • Assessment of current set up
  • Assessment of what is required to make this happen
  • Create high level approach
  • Review schedule availability and establish best plan of focused action
  • Mindset development work
  • Action for next 2 weeks

Week 2 – 15min phone call check-in plus email accountability

Week 3 – Session 2 (Review, Unblock, Adjust, Recommit)

  • Review of actions
  • Mindset challenges – further development work where required
  • What’s working so far – analysis of what’s getting in the way
  • Adjust and recommit
  • Development of next steps

Week 4 – 15min phone call check-in plus email accountability

Week 5 – Session 3 (Review, Unblock, Adjust, Recommit)

Week 6 – 30 minute phone call to assess status and next steps

Programme Investment

Financial: €697 + VAT

  • Option 1 – One payment of €697 + VAT (prior to Session 1) – Purchase directly online or through me.
  • Option 2 – Two payments of €360 + VAT (prior to Session 1 and Session 3) – Available only through contacting me.


  • Show up on time to all sessions
  • Show up with intention to learn and change
  • Prepare to be challenged
  • Prepare to feel uncomfortable (in a safe way!)
  • Willing to take action
  • Time commitment
  • Confidentiality of content

If you are interested in this programme

Click the link to purchase now or contact me directly to arrange a Free 30min call to discuss further.

Use ‘SUMMER21‘ discount code before Saturday 26th June 2020 for 10% off!

My Commitment

I am a stand for believing you can achieve anything once you decide and commit.

My mission is to help you discover your full potential, see your limitless power and become the best you can be.

I’m 100% committed to your success, should you choose it.

My superpower is passion, drive and determination, which I will share with you as we work together to get you unstuck, on purpose and on fire!

I cannot wait to start this journey with you,

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